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as in the former call
as in the former call
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kkkkkkkk ffffffffffffffff
k::::::k f::::::::::::::::f
k::::::k f::::::::::::::::::f
k::::::k f::::::fffffff:::::f
uuuuuu uuuuuu k:::::k kkkkkkk nnnn nnnnnnnn ggggggggg ggggg f:::::f ffffff
u::::u u::::u k:::::k k:::::k n:::nn::::::::nn g:::::::::ggg::::g f:::::f
u::::u u::::u k:::::k k:::::k n::::::::::::::nn g:::::::::::::::::g f:::::::ffffff
u::::u u::::u k:::::k k:::::k nn:::::::::::::::n g::::::ggggg::::::gg f::::::::::::f
u::::u u::::u k::::::k:::::k n:::::nnnn:::::n g:::::g g:::::g f::::::::::::f
u::::u u::::u k:::::::::::k n::::n n::::n g:::::g g:::::g f:::::::ffffff
u::::u u::::u k:::::::::::k n::::n n::::n g:::::g g:::::g f:::::f
u:::::uuuu:::::u k::::::k:::::k n::::n n::::n g::::::g g:::::g f:::::f
u:::::::::::::::uu k::::::k k:::::k n::::n n::::n g:::::::ggggg:::::g f:::::::f
u:::::::::::::::u k::::::k k:::::k n::::n n::::n g::::::::::::::::g f:::::::f
uu::::::::uu:::u k::::::k k:::::k n::::n n::::n gg::::::::::::::g f:::::::f
uuuuuuuu uuuu kkkkkkkk kkkkkkk nnnnnn nnnnnn gggggggg::::::g fffffffff
gggggg g:::::g
g:::::gg gg:::::g
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